Pilot Wealth Everyday

Pilot Wealth Everyday does just that.  We take care of the everyday stuff.  Making sure you can pay your bills, save for that special item, make sure you know what your earning, spending and saving.

Pilot Wealth Everyday is easy to do, easy to keep track of, you can do it yourself or get us to help.

Everyday Cash Flow and Budgeting Tool

Imagine feeling on top of your finances. Knowing your money's working as hard for you, as you work for it everyday.

Everyone can benefit from having a budget and for this to stay top of mind. The purpose of a budget is not to make you go without or force you to save. It simply allows you to manage your money in a controlled and effective way and to help you understand where you are spending your money everyday.

A well-managed cash flow could be the key, that’s why we created Pilot Wealth Everyday.

Your cash flow is the amount of money that's coming in and going out of your bank at any point in time.

It is not a measure of overall wealth, but whether there's enough cash available to meet your expenses, with some left over to all of the things you want to do.

  • 1 Be realistic
    If your budget is too strict it will be harder for you to stick to it.
  • 2 Spend less than you earn
    If you have a cash deficit review your expenses and cut back where you can.
  • 3 Include your goals
    If you are planning an expensive holiday (or other savings goals such as home renovations or a new car), include these expenses in your budget and start saving.
  • 4 Review your progress
    Check how much is left in the bank each month and how much you have spent. Compare this with your budget to see how you have fared. If your budget differs from reality, you may need to make some adjustments.

Our Everyday cash flow support helps you achieve your goals and keeps you accountable every month.


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